Saturday, March 30, 2013

Social ramblings.

Let me just tell you my thoughts here.
It seems the pressing social matter right now is marriage. Who should be allowed to be married to who, what people's relationships should be called, etc. I've seen debate after debate on Facebook, and all have been pretty much the same. One side saying hateful, hurtful things about homosexuals, and the other saying hateful hurtful things against religious people. After briefly skimming the news feed on my Velcro Danes Facebook profile I just had to stop and wonder: do these people not realize that hate breeds hate? Do they not realize that hate and judgement in the name of religion makes no sense? DO they not realize that hate and judgement in the name of acceptance and tolerance also makes no sense. Can neither side of this debate voice where they stand without name calling, hate, and violence?
It's sad, really. It's sad that so many people use platforms as excuses to be hateful and cruel to fellow man. I don't understand how people feel justified in speaking so ugly to people. When did thinking differently than someone become an excuse to insult their intelligence or character? Why is there such an us/ them mentality when really we're all just PEOPLE.
Where do I stand? Well, all over the place, really. I'm Mormon. I'm also not a judgmental jerk. I have my own personal beliefs and it doesn't even matter what those are. My stance is against spewing hate... of ANY kind. Furthermore, I think there are certain places the government doesn't belong. The government doesn't belong in my body. The government doesn't belong in my healthcare. The government doesn't belong in my marriage. And that applies to everyone. It's not the government's business. I think so long as people aren't hurting anyone, the government ought to shut up. Be it gay marriage, polygamy, polyamory... whatever. Relationships between consenting adults, where no abuse is taking place ought to stay between those consenting adults. Period.
I think my biggest thing is that regardless of what YOU believe, if you can't convey it without name calling, cruelty, insults, or anger... keep it to yourself. Everyone thinks differently, and that's OK. What's not ok is treating other human beings like crap.

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