Monday, March 18, 2013

Bring on Summertime.

I usually don't love Summertime. Something about being hot all the time, and everything smelling bad (um. I live with kind of a lot of dogs.) just kinda..... well, it makes me cranky. Like, really cranky. I've never liked the sun, it gives me headaches and my skin burns easily. I don't like the hot, it's always made me feel sick and I completely loose my appetite.
But. Let it be known. I'm excited for Summer this year. Why? Because I have so much fun crap planned. In fact, I've got stuff planned like... soon. And am booked til August. So, for real, if stuff is going on I will have to see if I can pencil it in. HA.

March 23 I have Hale Theater with my mom.
March 31 is Easter, which means all kinds of family crap. Like dinner. mmmm, family dinner. Now, we're not good at much, but my family sure makes damn good food. Which is probably also why most of us are, or have been.... fat.
April 5-7 we are going to Las Vegas to visit Jon's family.
At some point in April I am hauling dumbface brindlebutt (that's Braxton for those of you not in the loop on nicknames) up to Idaho to stud a friend's beautiful harl Dane. Plus, that means spending 4ish days with my amazing friends, and that makes me happy too! I love Jon & Natalie and all their girly dogs! I hope I don't have to move the Vegas trip but will if necessary. Can't plan too far ahead while waiting for ladies to ovulate!
April 26 Jon graduated from UVU with his bachelor's in Forensic Science. FINALLY.
May 10-22 I have a San Diego trip and cruise with Jon. Disneyland, Universal Studios, Sea World, beach... I like going back to my hometown as a lame tourist. We also will spend a night in Vegas and will get to meet Jon's new baby half sister.
May 30 I have a Kenny Chesney concert in Boise, ID.
June 14 I have a Tim McGraw concert in Salt Lake
June 28-July 1 I have a Lake Powell trip with Mitch/Jeannene and my grandparents. (Piper will be having her first boating experience, too)
July 18 I have a Kenny Chesney concert in Salt Lake
July 25-30 I have a Lake Powell trip with my whole family

I almost kinda sorta feel like I'm super cool and have a life again. Only not quite.
On top of that, we really really really really really really wanna sell this house this Summer and MOVE. That would be the absolute best thing that could possibly happen. Meanwhile, we will have Piper in training working towards getting her in Rally-O at a competing level, and hopefully we can talk Jon's family into making some visits up here so we can see them more too. And maybe weekenders at Strawberry or Deer Creek... just to get the boat out more. And family BBQs are bound to happen. I LOVE my family so much and we seem to spend so much more time together in the Summer. AND, and... we have season passes to 7 Peaks. woooot. AND, hopefully Jon will get started in his career in forensics. Hopefully.
 I don't even know WHICH part I am most excited for, to be honest. I'm really excited to go on a cruise for the first time in my life, since I've never gone on one before. I'm also really excited to see Jon's family, since it honestly doesn't happen often enough. (they should just move to Utah already...) and I'm excited to go to the lake. I LOVE boating, there's nowhere else I'd rather be. I'm also excited to have a trip to the lake that's less camping out, more exploring with my brother and grandparents.
And hopefully, by the end of all this, I'll be pregnant. Ok, highly unlikely.... but it doesn't hurt to hope, right? I just hope that time goes by quickly.

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