Friday, August 24, 2012

Life and lifestyle

So many changes are in the works for us in the next year. It's crazy how much we have already done in just three short years of marriage. Wait, hold up... what was that? Yeah, it's been just about THREE YEARS. Crazy.
Jon will finally have his bachelors degree in Forensic Science April 2013, so we have something to look forward to. Technically he got his Associates in Criminal Justice this month, but with as competitive as the job market is associates might as well be kindergarten graduation certificates so no changes in career quite yet. I am so so so so so so so glad he has found a major that he is truly interested in, because changing fifty billion times a year really drug out the whole process. He got all A's and one B this last semester, he's just awesome like that. I hope he's as proud of himself as I am.
Summer has really flown right by. We made it through our first litter of Danes. We made it through some intense changes at Ruff House. We made it through yet another summer of Summer School. We also had a lot of fun. :-)

We are selling our house in the coming months. We have some yard work that needs to get done (Amazing what danes will do to a teeny tiny yard....) and then it's just a matter of pricing it and getting it out there. I'm nervous to list too early since technically we don't want to move until Jon graduates AND finds work, so we know where the heck we are moving to. We keep finding houses we really like and then have to step back and remember we are trying to leave options open for his job hunt. We are considering: Utah Valley, Spokane, St. George, Denver, and anything in between.

One thing we know for sure is that our next move, which will hopefully be next Spring/ Summer... is more than just a move, it will be a lifestyle change. Think: Acreage. Livestock. Chickens. Fresh Air. No neighbors. We are dead set on getting out of city limits and putting down roots where we want to raise our kids and sustain a simple lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle. It will be a HUGE change from Orem life, but a welcome one. This is a lifestyle we have striven to make possible, and one that we are determined to make our reality.

We are excited for the next chapter, and welcome the changes that are in store for us. We are determined to create the reality we wish for ourselves, no matter what anyone else thinks of it.

Oh, and the first order of business when we buy property: buy a cow.