Saturday, July 30, 2011

How dumb does a kitten have to be, to show up at the house with 7 BIG dogs?

I'm not sure why these things seem to happen to Jon & I, but last week this itty bitty kitten showed up... in my basement of all places. Note to self: close windows. After several hours of it refusing to leave the property, and meowing at the door, I fed it, and brought it in to post an ad on craigslist, and hung fliers on doors in the neighborhood as well at Scera park.
A week later, no response. -sigh- Stupid kitten, why did you show up here.. of all places? So, I don't have the guts to take it to the shelter. Tried and failed. If anyone wants a kitten, this little lady needs a home! She's probably 8ish weeks old. She does really well with the litter box, and our cats warmed up to her after like two days. She's affectionate, too. Almost too affectionate. She seems to think that she is a parrot, even. A bird cat, haven't you always wanted a bird cat?! Come take her. And speaking of our other cats, do you want them, too?
I'm not sure why these animals must find us. As much as I would love to say I "hate" it, there's something rewarding about pulling an animal off he streets or death row, and finding it the best home ever. I also think that things happen for a reason. No, I know things happen for a reason. However, I am not a cat person. I'm a dog person. Remember that.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Who the heck are we, anyway?

I think it's about time we start a blog. Why? Well, I'm not really sure, but it seems like a good idea.
So, who are we anyway?
Well, we're the Lanman Pack! We're just any ol' young couple with 7 dogs and 2 cats.
From two different worlds, Jon raised in Las Vegas, and myself raised in San Diego somehow found each other in 2009 on one day. Yes, Laugh it up, folks, laugh it up. We were married December 19th, 2009 in the Salt Lake LDS temple for time and eternity, and it was the beginning of the most wonderful journey. Someday I will have to blog about that day.
Since that beautiful winter day, we have grown together as a couple every single day. I'm blessed enough to be married to someone whom I can fall in love with all over again every single day (usually around 6am when he volunteers to be the one to let the dogs out...) and who makes me want to better myself. Yeah, Jon is pretty awesome.

We lived in Las Vegas for a while after we got married, but knew it wasn't where we were supposed to be, and quickly moved back to Utah. Utah feels like home. We own a doggy daycare in Orem with the most wonderful partner in the world, and couldn't be happier with that decision. Jon is in school full time at UVU. I don't remember what for... it changes a lot... it's either pharmacy or forensic science. Whichever it is, he's awesome. He's working at Wal Mart at night, getting all buff unloading trucks. I can not even begin to show how much gratitude I have to be blessed with such an amazing, hard-working man in my life. Have I mentioned yet that he's awesome?

So, did I mention we have seven dogs, because we do. Champ, Annie, Zailey, Mousse, Braxton, Timber, and Kola. Five Great Danes, a Boxer, and then... well, Champ. Life with our pack is pretty awesome. You know, like any other young couple, we wake up, let the dogs out, take the dogs to work, bathe the dogs, walk the dogs, play with the dogs, and then settle in at night, feed approx. 20lbs of raw meat, bone, and organs, and then watch a movie or something. Typical, right?  I think we have a thing for dogs.

Someday we will have skin-kids to add to the mix. Workin' on it. I am awaiting a bunch of blood tests right now to figure out why exactly the baby-oven is defective. Until then, we are content with our fury family, and it sure does keep things interesting.