Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Eggy McEggplant

OK. The first week of March came and went. We made it through this week of the challenge, but also made some discoveries on how we want to structure future challenges. More on that later.

Our food this week? Eggplant.
I know, super common, but somehow... not only had I never had it, but I'd never MADE it, and neither had Jon. It started with about two hours of googling eggplant recipes. Armed with my ingredient lists, we went off to Sprouts! There, I gathered everything I needed, then stood in front of an array of eggplant while googling "how to pick a good eggplant" and reading page after page of eggplant-picking wisdom. So, there I stood, smart phone in hand, reading about this mysterious purple fruit. Color, density, size, shape... all components of finding the perfect plant. I picked them up, tapped them, checked for soft spots, looked for blemishes. 45 minutes later, I walked out feeling particularly pleased with myself and confident that I got the best eggplant in the store. (OK, so I wasn't confident at all, but details schmetails.)

The two eggplant recipes we tried were the following:
Baked Eggplant
Eggplant Pizza

The verdict: we liked it. I really have google to thank, as I read pages on proper salting, draining, and pressing the flesh of this fruit prior to frying and baking. We quite enjoyed both dishes though. I think both will be thrown into the cycle of repeat dishes in our house.

Now, while we stuck to all the rules of our challenge, there's a few things that I'm going to change. It allows too much wiggle room, we've gone out too much and I don't FEEL as good. The whole point of these challenges is to make making healthier choices FUN. I like to set goals, and I like meeting them even more.

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