Friday, March 8, 2013

March Food Challenge

I'm late posting this, but quite frankly I only have one reader I'm aware of (hi, Tanya!) and I make the rules around this here blog.
Really, posting is more about keeping us accountable for the goals we set.

There is no budget this month. None. At all. We want to get a feel for what our food budget is on a month to month basis without being overly conscious of it. I really want to see just HOW much money we are wasting, and how much of it goes to undesirable food products. I'm honestly a little afraid of the results. Especially knowing that we CAN go on so little each month, I'm afraid I will literally be ashamed to find out what the typical tab is.
BUT, there has to be some kind of challenge, right? Right.

March Food Challenge

  • Each week (Monday- Sunday) we must try a new food item.
  • This can be something we've tasted before, but nothing that has been a regular part of our diet for any length of our married life. Neither of us can have prepared it previously. See, I haven't tried many different things. I kind of grew up eating the same things frequently (as I think most families do) so there's a LOT of really common things I have never tried. Like eggplant. and brussel sprouts. and leeks. Now, I'm not about to go making a eggplant/sprout/leek casserole any time soon. (well, I'm not making ANY casserole any time soon. Perhaps one day I will blog about my true feelings on casserole.) 
  • The new food MUST be a fruit or vegetable. 
  • Must try each of the new foods prepared in two different ways. The idea is to hopefully find NEW healthy dishes that we can throw in our little rotation of dinners that will replace some of the processed stuff we used to eat and give variety. 

So, that's it. That's the challenge. I think I'm going to do some kind of weird grocery/ food thing every month this year. Perhaps we will go vegetarian for a month. What I can say is this week we ate out WAY too much. It just kind of happened. Chuck was in town, so we went out, and then we went out with my mom, and then we went on a double date, and then tonight we were both up north at the same time. That's 4 times in a week. I can honestly say... I feel it. I feel kinda gross. I credit several factors for my weight loss, but I credit how I FEEL completely to the positive food choices we've been making and since falling off the bandwagon this week, my body is feeling the difference. Convenience foods are such a huge issue. It's time to get back in gear and make those good choices again. My body will thank me for it.

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