Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Piper's First Day of "School"

We started training today with Piper. I enrolled her at Calling all Dogs up in Holladay, UT because I wanted her to get used to people/places/dogs that aren't in her usual routine, so Ruff House seemed like not the best idea, since she knows Becki so well already, and those dogs are generally the same as the dogs she plays with on the rare occasion she goes to daycare. She doesn't particularly like daycare, so she doesn't go much at all. Well. OK. Let's be real. She's gone twice for an hour each time and then I miss her too much to leave her.
So, we show up 5 minutes late. Embarrassing. There was an accident on the ramp to the 215, and EVERYONE had to slow down and look, so even though I left with PLENTY of time, thinking we would be super early... such is my luck. Everyone is all sitting and they obviously started without us. I felt like an idiot walking in. Nevermind the fact that I walked in carrying my 45 lb puppy, who is convinced that leashes are evil, and therefore must pull back and thrash wildly. (hey, cut me some slack here, we DID enroll in training classes, did we not!?)
It becomes very clear very fast that Piper is going to be the naughty kid at school. She had a lot to "say" about the fact she couldn't go play with the other dogs. She did fairly well with learning her commands, though. Her attention span is kind of dingy in new places, but I was still proud of her. She is having a tough time with learning "down" and really only will do it on surfaces she finds comfy. This does not include the rubber flooring at the training facility, much to my dismay.
All in all, it went well. She was amazing with some things, and needs improvement with others. Pretty predictable for a baby, I think. I look forward to working with her on our "homework" this week, and going back to class next Monday and showing our improvement. I want to keep her in classes pretty much constantly, I just have a LOT of stuff going on this Summer. Hopefully it will work out. I love my little Piper. <3

And there, now this is no longer a food blog. 

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  1. uhm I think I need to steal her ! LOL she is FAB U LOUS !!! more pics more pics !