Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Moving On Up

So, I'm a little spontaneous sometimes.
We've been talking about selling our house for a YEAR now. We bought it looking for something that would cost no more than rent, but at the same time we'd be investing money every month in our own property rather than throwing it away on rent. We knew we'd stay "about two years" and that at that point we'd want to move on to greener pastures so to speak. Well. it's been two years now, and we're ready to move on. It's not that there's anything wrong with our house, it's just that we know it's not HOME. Not our long-term home anyway. We are so eager to get settled into the place we will stay long-term... the neighborhood we will put down roots.... the home we will raise our kids, and of COURSE a better yard for our Danebabies to play.
So, I get a text from our awesome Realtor just touching base on if we still wanted to sell since my litters of puppies are raised and out of the house. Honestly, the day I got the message I was still so overwhelmingly behind and trying do de-puppy the house I didn't even respond. I knew I had at least a solid month or two of cleaning, packing, laundry... and the dreaded boarding of MY dogs for the process. It was really easy to just put selling off for Summer. Summer seemed like a good time to deal with all that. Well, that was last Monday. I got a wild hair and just decided to get things moving. We listed Tuesday. WOOT. There's still some things that should be done around the house to make it more appealing to buyers, and I'll be working on that this week before we head to Vegas for Easter weekend, but the bulk of it all is as done as it's going to get.
So, to kick of this whole officially-selling-the-house business, we went and looked at a listing that had caught my eye big time. I pretty much fell in love with it, but it sold before we even had a chance to make an offer. It was really disappointing and honestly left a sour taste in my mouth for the entire house hunting experience. I don't even want to go LOOK until our house is sold and done with.
Either way.... we're moving, and hopefully within the next two months, and that's exciting.

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