Monday, July 1, 2013

It's a BOY!

I'm not sure how people can possibly make it through an entire pregnancy, knowing for more than half of it that they CAN know the gender of their baby... and still choose to not. Don't get me wrong, I think that's awesome if that's what people choose to do, I'm just so impatient.... never, ever could I do that. Ever.
On Friday I called an ultrasound place in Sandy to set up an appointment for this coming week. When I was making it they asked me how far along I was, of course, and then asked if I'd like to come in the next day. Of course I did! I made the appointment, and text Jon right away. The next 24 hours would crawl by.
Saturday I got up and got all ready for the day. That's an accomplishment these days being on bed rest and all. We headed up and we were so excited. The whole way up we talked about what we thought the baby might be. Jon has said boy since the beginning and I maintained that I had no idea and wasn't about to pretend to.
I still don't look pregnant... at all... and the tech looked quite skeptical when I told her how far along I am. She asked if I'd had an ultrasound already (yes) and if the doctor confirmed my due date (yes) and if we had heard a heartbeat recently (yes) but even so, she seemed to doubt me. I laid on the table, and we got started. It was great to see our baby up on the screen again. I'm just amazed at technology sometimes. To SEE my baby moving, wiggling... heart beating, all of that. It's incredible, really. It took no time at all to determine... it's a BOY. Jon is pretty over the moon thrilled about it. I am too but I had no preference to begin with.
We got several pictures in the package we paid for and then were off to share the news with family first, then announced it to the world.
We have already for absolute sure picked a name.
Chase Albert Lanman

Get ready, world. 

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