Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Well, that's kinda freaky.

A while back I got in this feeling sorry for myself stupid girl rut for a couple days. You know, that's annoying "poor me" blog post not too long ago? Yeah, then. Sorry about that, by the way.... I'll try not to blog when I'm being retarded anymore. 

Anyway, so I'm not one to put a ton of cheesy merit into dreams. I mean, I like to think they mean something, but I don't know what that something is, and for all I know they could be the result of aliens invading our brains while we sleep. BUT, I had this "woah" experience this week. 
After the stupid blog post, I was feeling pretty down. I took a nap on the couch with Annie and had this insane dream in which I was sitting with my Great Grandma Louise, who passed away quite a LONG time ago. I was in her old house, which isn't even standing anymore, and I remember every detail from the grooves in the carpet, to the ugly drapes, to the doilies that sat on every single surface. (tangent: what is it with old ladies and doilies anyway?!) 
Anyway, she was teaching me how to crochet, something that I always wanted to learn... but never had the time, and now the two ladies that I would have wanted to teach me have passed. I woke up kinda phased out, and laid there for a minute thinking about it. 
Well, I have this ball of yarn that I've had forever with a crochet hook pierced through it. I don't know where it came from, but I've had it forever. I sat down, and made a hot pad. 
Yeah, apparently my Great Grandma Louise taught me how to crochet last week. Freaky, huh? 

I do stand by the fact that I am incredibly lacking in the talent and friends department, but at least I know how to do SOMETHING... and I put writing ability to work by doing Jon's take home test essay this week. Oops, did I say that?

A few things going on here, one... we are going on vacation next month. Yeah, VACATION to San Diego. I never thought after living in San Diego for 18 years, I'd be going back to visit and call it a vacation.... but I'm excited. It will be the very FIRST time Jon and I will be on vacation by ourselves, and not at someone's house. Don't ge me wrong, I love going to Vegas to visit family, and going to Idaho to see my best friend is one of my favorite places to go... and lake Powell is AAAAMAZING.... but, well, Jon is my husband, and kinda my favorite person in the world, and it will be nice to go away with him and only him. Well, and the thousands of tourists at Disneyland and Sea World and wherever else we go, but you get the point. So, countdown to SoCal.... 17 days. Woot. 

On another note, we made it through Zailey's first heat. Mousse lost some weight refusing to eat a decent portion for three solid weeks, and Zai has been so cooped up she doesn't know what to do with herself, but she will be hitting the dog park soon! Mousse suddenly noticed I'm alive, and now that he's not so distracted has been my shadow all day long. Speaking of Mousse, he might be "servicing a bitch" next week. (psst, for you non breeder folks that means he gets to knock up a female dog.) Hopefully that pans out. 

AND, one more thing. I entered Braxton in this contest to win stuff from Fetching Tags, which I really really really really want to win. SO, if you would be so kind as going to vote for him by "liking" his picture, you'd pretty much make my day. We don't do a ton of contests, and we never win anything, but if we could win this one that'd be pretty AWESOME. Want, want, want. And our charity of choice is of course Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue. 
and find this: 

And like it!

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