Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I can't believe how time goes by. We have been in our house for 6 months already! Sheesh, you'd think we'd have more of our projects done by now! Sometimes I don't think the yard will EVER get done... not with time and finances the way they are. But that's ok, because in the last 6 months, we've really turned this little hole in the wall into a home.

In the last 6 months We have:
Painted the bedroom green and brown
Painted the kitchen red
Painted the bathroom green
Painted the nursery yellow
Replaced the bathroom mirror
Purchased awesome decorations
Watched the dogs and cats knock down or break every decoration
Darn near replumbed the ENTIRE place
Ripped out trailers full of ugly old bushes
Taken a junk tree out of the front yard. Sorry tree, you were pretty while you were pink, and then you were just messy. And you hit my window too much at night and freaked me out.
Put up the fencing for the side yard
Taken out the rosebushes, but not before Zailey ran though them
Shampoo'd the entire downstairs
Repaired water damage
Gotten more water damage
Purchased a bedroom set! The first real set I've ever had... with a headboard and everything!
Purchased our first living room set. Red Leather... and totally awesome.
Learned how our 50's oven works, and burn less things than we did before
Fell in love with our hardwood floors....
fell, quickly, OUT of love with our hardwood floors
discovered that we much be the home base for every fly that has ever existed
failed to figure out where all the dust comes from
added four pooches to the pack
wondered where all the free time went.

Next stop: parenthood?

Owning our own home has been both the most exhausting and rewarding thing we have done as a married couple. (uhhh... and expensive)

I've lived a couple places. San Diego is nice, but just not for me. Portland is Hell on earth. At least, it was for me, but I kind of lived in the armpit of Portland, in all fairness... and it must not shower much. Denver was wonderful, but still a tad too industrial for me.

Utah is beautiful, and this is where my family is. It ALMOST feels like home, but something is missing. I long for land, mountains, freaking PRIVACY. I have no idea where the next 10 years might take our little family, but it will never change that this is our FIRST real home. We might settle in Northern Idaho, or we might find some hole in the wall Podunk town in Utah somewhere, who knows. As long as we're together... it will, in fact, be home, right Annie? Right.

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