Sunday, September 4, 2011

A wedding, and 20 dead bodies.

Yesterday was a special day. Jon's dad married his beautiful new wife in the Las Vegas LDS Temple and we were so happy to be able to make it out of town, even if only for a few hours, for the wedding. We headed out early Saturday, and got home late Saturday, but it was so worth it. We are so incredibly happy for them.

Then, today is another special day. Well, maybe not so special. I will spare the pictures, but I found one heck of a deal on Duck for the dogs! The only catch is we had to take them live. Jon was a really good sport, and he actually did the slaughtering. He had a really hard time mentally with the first couple. It makes me happy that I have such a loving husband. I'd be a bit worried if killing an animal- even something like a duck- just came easy. He did 17 of them. I've been working on the skinning. I've skinned chickens a couple times- and they are super easy. But, these ducks are so much more tough! I've done 4, which means only 16 more to go. The heat is bad and the flies are terrible so I keep having to take breaks. I have a serious new found appreciation for people who grow, kill, and prep their own food. It's tough work! But, it was a good deal and while we are stable, we are trying to cut back on as many expenses as possible. I have more free time than Jon (well I think ANYONE has more free time than Jon!) so I got the task of the skinning. Just something to think about next time you grab your dinner off a grocery store shelf. It's a lot of flippin' work, and I haven't even begun to think about cleanup yet! I wonder if we could tackle something bigger. Goat, maybe? Hmm....
I'm pretty sure raw feeding is turning us into freaks! LOL

Other than that we are just trucking right along. Hopefully we can get a new camera so we can start adding decent quality pictures to the blog. Until then, at least y'all were spared a duck skinning photo spread, right?

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