Sunday, April 28, 2013


I can't believe how perfectly beautiful the weather is this weekend. I'm not the biggest fan of Summertime usually. I burn easily, my eyes are so sensitive to sunlight, and being hot makes me cranky, but I'm actually quite enjoying it right now. I'm excited for all the family BBQs and get togethers to start. I love my family so much. Sometimes I wish I could go back and slap my 16-year-old self for not realizing how insanely blessed I am to have such an incredible family. Yesterday I spent most of the day with one of my very best friends (I also call her Mom.) and got fried sitting in the backyard in the sun, but it was so nice to not be cooped up in the house! My bronchitis is finally on the mend (thank goodness!) and I'm SO DONE with being inside. I want to be outside all the time. I can't wait for the pools to all open up in a few weeks, I'll spend every weekend in the water. And then boating. I LOVE BOATING. I'd like to just move onto Lake Powell for the summer, Please! I can't wait to take the boat out this year.
Today we are all getting together for dinner (because that's what we DO on Sundays) and I'm sure I'll get even more fried. Oh well.

I'm hoping that our cruise next month helps speed time along. It's funny, BEFORE I found out I was pregnant I felt like I had so much fun stuff planned this Summer and I thought that maybe it would fly by and be over before I knew it. Plus, since Jon graduated on Friday and is actually taking the summer off of school for the first time ever, he will be around so much more. I'm so glad. Even moreso now. As incredibly excited as we are to meet our baby, I am looking forward to spending time together this Summer because it's the last one that will be just us, and the first one in our entire relationship that he's not in school full time. Now, after our big news, I feel like we have nothing going on, a few small one day things here and there, but I'm pretty sure this will be the Summer that never ends. Yes, it will go on and on my friends.

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