Saturday, April 13, 2013

1 + 1 = 3

Well, we weren't going to go completely public with this news for a while, because it's still REALLY early.... but I honestly couldn't keep my mouth shut with my family, and Jon couldn't with his.... and one by one it slipped to a few friends, and then Jon had a big fat slip of the tongue at work today so everyone there knows.... so, what the heck, here goes.... WE'RE PREGNANT!
Again, REALLY flippin' early.... early enough that we honestly have no business even telling anyone yet. I'm bad at secrets, though. Apparently Jon is, too. 
I've known for about 10 days now, tests confirmed it on Monday. (ahem... like... 17 tests because I kept NOT believing them....) 
We couldn't possibly be any happier. Well, maybe we could but then we'd surely explode into a billion little pieces. 
Thirty eight months of trying.... now it's happening. 
So there you have it, there's our secret. There's the source of my unusually chipper posts lately. We aren't due until Dec. 18 (I TOLD you it was so early....) so lots of time. We both feel pretty overwhelmingly positive that this is our time. It's hard to explain, we just KNOW everything will be OK. 

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