Monday, August 1, 2011

The Results Are In: Time to Get Healthy!

Well, we got the results of my blood tests back. So far, there is no reason as to why we have not gotten pregnant, but I do have low Vitamin D, and my cholesterol is on the high end. I guess I could have guessed that. While that shouldn't effect fertility and ability to conceive, it's still duly noted, and the reason I've spent the last several hours reading and making entire meal plans to revamp the way we do things around here. In fact, I am challenging Jon to 30 days of NO fast food. None. At all. No exceptions. It is rather convenient that it is the first of the month. So, August 2011, the month we make big changes to the health around here. I guess that means I have to really start setting aside time to make dinner, but I think it will be worth it. It really helps that two of the best foods for lowering cholesterol (avocado and almonds) are two of my favorite things ever. So, if anyone has any super yummy, and also super [heart] healthy so-easy-a-caveman-could-make-it recipes, send them my way! (does anyone even read this?) I mean, I lost 40lbs on Weight Watchers last year, and I don't really remember why I quit, I felt AWESOME, other than I was so BORED with the same 5 things for dinner over and over. What happened?! Not this time though. I haven't decided if I'm going to do WW or just take a long hard look at *what* I eat, because really, my portions aren't out of control. So, fingers crossed that next year, bathing suit shopping for the Lake Powell trip is a whole lot more fun than it was this year.
Oh another note, I also took the time today to take a look at how time is spent... and I'm surprised at realistically how much time I waste. Well, not anymore!
I'm super motivated today to make some big changes, and I hope that motivation sticks. I think it will. This time, I have a purpose behind it, and I'm reminding myself that someday, my kids will pick up MY eating habits, so I better make changes now, today.

On an entirely unrelated note, the last of Mousse's health testing came in on Saturday. He is O.F.A. Thyroid NORMAL, which means that I can now offer him for stud and not feel bad about it. Woot, I'm so happy. now here's to hoping that the other four Danes prove to be decent breeding quality. So far, Velcro Danes is off to a great start!!

Now, I'm off to watch All My Children, while doing steps on my handy dandy aerobics step. Yup, I dusted it off, and it's going to live in my living room, where it will remind me every single day, to get off my butt. Changes, remember.

Ps. There's still a kitten in my basement. Really, anyone... come get her. She's free, cute, and doesn't belong here.

**I totally lied. Vitamin D deficiency totally effects fertility. BAM, a starting point. 

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