Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Sun and the Sand

Well, it's back to reality after an absolutely WONDERFUL time at Lake Powell. It was so much fun. ALL of it. Everything about it. I love boating so much.

Jon and I left Thursday and drove into Kanab, where we stayed at the Treasure Trail Motel. It was kind of a joke. Our room was decent enough, I mean... we don't have high expectations of a place like that and we really just needed somewhere to sleep that would allow Zailey. The bathroom door didn't even come close to closing, it had several inches of space between the frame and the door, and it hung in a way that offered ZERO privacy to the toilet itself.... and the room smelled like dog poop, Orange Glo, and... just old. Old is a scent, right? Again, no high expectations because after all: it was pet friendly. I wondered how many little yapper dogs have peed on the floor unnoticed in there, and then wore my flop flops for the entire time- including in the shower. Customer service was terrible, so I posted a very honest review on google. Yes, I review things. Products. Services. Places.

Moral of the story? Never, ever... EVER... stay there.

Friday morning, we woke up early, and headed on to Wahweap marina. Have I mentioned yet that I love the lake? Well... I love the lake. Anyway, grandpa's boat was having trouble so we waited for a few hours to hear from them on a part, and then headed over to a beach to play in the water and cool off. Zailey did amazing for it being her first boating trip ever. She was great on Mitch's boat, and great at camp. We moved to camp after making sure Grandpa's boat was running well again... since camp was 30 miles out from the marina.

We set up camp, and I'm fairly certain I was in the water before the boats were even anchored down. I LOVE Lake Powell. We spent the next 5 days swimming, lounging, reading, playing, sleeping... and the best part was having ZERO agenda at all. No cell phone. No work. No errands. I think that's what I like best about the lake over any other kind of vacation. There truly is nowhere to be. No show to have to make it to on time. No sites that are important to go to. (Well, okay, apparently Rainbow Bridge is super awesome if you haven't already seen it 21 times before...) No meetings. No restaurants that close at a certain time. Just a boat and a tent on a beach. Ahh. That's my style.

But, we got home last night, to an inbox full of emails, a counter full of bills, and a phone full of voicemails and texts. Back to reality. It was great to see my dogs, and sleep in my own bed again... but oh how I can't wait to be back to the lake. 12 more months.

I did, after all, miss this face.

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