Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Piece of my Mind, not for the Easily Offended

Anyone who knows me, knows a few very basic things:
1. I love my dogs.
2. I feed them raw
3. I research EVERY topic that spikes my interest, obsessively.

So, of course, the topic of interest lately has been, well, babies. I guess that secret is officially out of the dark by now. Well, actually, it's probably not, since I'm fairly certain not a soul reads this blog. Shoot, I don't even read this blog. But, nonetheless I will continue to use it to spew the ramblings of my mind while Jon is away at work being the hard-working man that he is. (Have I mentioned that I have an amazing husband yet? Well, I do.)
Anyways, no, I'm NOT pregnant. (though I don't know WHY... it doesn't seem like a very hard thing to do....) but it's certainly something that I *hope* is in the futer, sooner rather than later works for me.

So, it only comes natural that I have 234872367 tabs on my computer open at any given time, ALL on fertility, conceiving (hey, it's more complicated than high school sex ed made it out to be!) and then of course, that big scary topic of the birth itself. Except, what I am learning in all of this is: it doesn't really have to BE scary. maybe I don't know what I'm talking about because I haven't done it yet, but the way I tend to make my decisions in life is by asking myself one thing: Does it make sense? Babies in a hospital. Does it make sense? Well, to be quite frank: no. I'd go to the hospital if I were sick, dying, diseased, or has my life seriously threatened in some other way. Being bitten by an alien? Totally logical to go to the hospital!Having a baby? Not so much. If medical intervention were REALLY so necessary in MOST deliveries, the human race never would have made it. Ever. If you're reading this thinking "Hey now, don't be a jerk, my OB saved my baby, by giving me a wonderful emergency C-section!" I'd really be shocked if that c section was a TRUE medical emergency, and not the result of a slippery slope of intervention, usually starting with an epidural or pitocin, and ending with a major abdominal surgery. Or your OB was impatient, or convinced you that your able-body was "unable" to birth such a "large" baby. (Yes, because your OB totally knows better than God what your body is capable of...) If none of the above were the case, then I'm so glad we have modern medicine for those who really need it, and move power to you! Yay!

So, I guess what it comes down to, is as soon as I get my stuff sorted out and Jon and I whip up a baby Lanman, we will be deciding between home birth, or a birth center. I'd love it if anyone has personal experience with either one!

And if I've pissed off a few hospital-goers, apologies, not my intention. Just speaking my mind. I mean, shoot, if I'm going to have a blog that no one reads, I might as well not hold back, right? And on that note, I couldn't have put this into better words if I tried.

I also learned, which I did not know until recently, that apparently people are OFFENDED by public breast feeding. Offended. Really. Seriously? Yeah. Well, tell me, in what kind of world do we live, where 13 year olds can trot around looking like strippers, an no one says a word, yet breastfeeding is offensive? If you're an adult, offended by breastfeeding, please, PLEASE, grow the heck up, because you're kind of a shame to the human race.


  1. Yay for blogging! I read and I like. 1:33 a.m.? Ouch, I'm sorry! You need some sleepy buddy. :)

  2. I love this. I'm a HUGE fan of homebirthing (or even birthing centers) and I'm also in the camp of "Hospitals are for sick people and pregnancy isn't an illness."

    We should chit-chat sometime. ;)