Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Weekend Getaway

Last weekend we were lucky enough to have one last little Summer getaway before buckling down and getting through all our projects on the house. There's SO much to do before December, and to stretch our budget as far as possible we are taking on most of the labor ourselves for anything we are even remotely capable of. Even so, it was nice to just put it all on hold for one weekend and escape- to Jackson Hole, WY!
It was a quick trip, we drove up Saturday morning and spent the day strolling around the town, looking at all the little shops, which was fun even though we didn't buy anything. That night, we went to the Bar J Wranglers dinner/ show. I hadn't been in YEARS but still remembered how much fun it was, how good the food was, and how hilarious the show was. It didn't disappoint. Jon had never been but has been hearing about this "ho down" from my family for four years now and was excited to finally go see what the heck we were all talking about. I think he laughed more than anyone else at our table, so it's safe to say he enjoyed it.
Sunday morning we woke up and had breakfast in our room and kind of lounged around for a while before going back to walk around for a little bit. Have I mentioned how nice it was to escape yet:?!
We went and walked around for a bit before getting back on the road and heading home.
The drive both there and back were enjoyable. It's so rare that Jon and I have 5 solid hours to just... talk. Uninterrupted discussion. Plus, the scenery was beautiful. I LOVE mountains. And rivers. And lakes.
We have absolutely NO doubt that we want to stay by family indefinitely. There's nothing we would trade the proximity to family for, and if Jon's family moves up here like we keep hearing they hope to, then all the better. But, every single time we go on a road trip and pass through all these cute LITTLE old towns, with land and cows, we're reminded of how badly we want that, and how much we DON'T want to stay in the suburbs forever. Don't get me wrong, we are actually excited to not be moving right now, and to get these projects on the house done and settle back in, but in the long run, we struggle a lot with where exactly we want to be. How far are we willing to go? Will our priorities change? All we know now is this is where we feel like we need to be, and that's what we are doing for now, and we feel very at peace with that for the NOW, but the future is so unknown. We still really want land, privacy, space, the whole shebang. Perhaps someday, but for now, this is home, and this is right where we belong. <3

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