Thursday, August 29, 2013

24 Weeks!

I think the last two weeks have gone by just a little bit faster than usual, which is a welcome change to the snail's pace that time has been creeping along at for the last couple months. We are getting so much done around the house but there is so much more to do, we for sure have our work cut out for us! This weekend I am going to Texas to see my sister and her family, and hopefully a little trip away will also help time go by faster. Not that I'm anxious for December to hurry up and get here or anything.

How far along? 24 weeks! (and 1 day)

How big is baby? Approx 12" long, and 1.3lb

Total weight gain/loss: -16. (142) Wooo hooo, I am up 2 lbs again. Hopefully I can hang onto it this time.

Maternity clothes? Still wearing normal clothes but jeans are getting more and more uncomfortable and do not button over my belly anymore. My shirts are fine though, I tend to buy long shirts due to the fact I have a long torso in the first place, so I think a lot of them will actually continue to work for a while. I haven't actually gained any inches anywhere but my belly, so everything fits elsewhere still.

Sleep: I've had insomnia a few nights this past week, and mornings have gotten more difficult to embrace again. I think it has a lot more to do with all the projects than it does pregnancy though. I find the more stressed I am the harder sleep is, and with as much as we have going on with house renovations I think it's safe to say sleep will be a struggle again for a while.

Best moment the last two weeks: I had an appointment with my midwife last Tuesday. It was probably the best pregnancy-related moment of the last two weeks because I left with such an overwhelming sense of security that I cried happy tears all the way home. Jon was unable to go to this appointment, so it was just she and I, and we talked about a lot of different things and thoughts that might be effecting me and my decisions on a deeper level than we had in appointments before. It was a good appointment, and I just know with no doubts we are on the track we need to be on.

Movement: Every day, and it makes me happy. Some of the movements are so strong they borderline on uncomfortable, but I will so take it!

Food cravings: Banana bread, which my mom made for me on Sunday and they were every bit as delicious as I knew they would be all week. Also, peaches always sound good, always. I don't know that it's a craving, but I'm sure enjoying them!

Food Aversions: Slowly getting over my leafy green aversion, which is a good thing! 

Gender: Boy. <3

Pregnancy Symptoms: I'm going to be completely honest and uncensored here because I hate it when people pretend things are peachy and everything is fabulous when it's not. No matter HOW excited I am to be pregnant (and I am very, very excited btw) there are just certain things that come along with pregnancy that while completely worth it, are not in any way fun. I wanted to be "that person" that just loves every moment of it, but I'm not. Some things just can't be embraced and enjoyed. Not unless you're crazy, much crazier than I am.
 My back hurts constantly, every single day. It's like my tailbone is being crushed and pulled towards my bellybutton.
I also have on again off again hemorrhoids (which I've NEVER had in my entire life. I didn't even know what the heck was going on at first, and called my mom, from the toilet, in tears, asking what in the world to do. What a miserable problem.) which occasionally make life a miserable burning Hell. Anyone who embraces crapping flames has a few screws loose.
No matter WHAT I eat, I'm nauseous after, even if I felt fine before eating, Not just a little nauseous, but curl-up-on-the-couch and be completely useless nauseous for about an hour. Cucumber and watermelon seem to be the ONLY exceptions.
Oh, and gas. Being up all night with gas pains last night was a joke. Missing sleep over farts is so unfair.
Other than all that, I really do feel pretty good! I'm not miserable all the time, and I absolutely *love* my belly. I'm able to be productive during the day and though by about 5pm I'm tired, it's after actually working all day and I think it is reasonable to be tired by then.

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: Nothing.

What I am looking forward to: Third trimester!

Upcoming appointments/events: Next appointment is September 19, if I remember correctly. I need to double check!

Milestones: So far: made it through first trimester, had first (and second) ultrasound, and discovered gender, and felt movement, Jon has felt movement from outside, belly popped finally, anatomy scan (went well), being able to see movement, point of viability passed.

Bump Picture: I've been really bad at keeping up with this, but I promise coming soon....

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