Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Nasty Old Habit (no more!)

My whole life- for as long as I can remember at least- I've had this dirty little habit. I've been able to quit smoking. I've been able to quit drinking. I've been able to quit a lot of things. But never in 25 years have I been able to quit nail biting. Ever. Years of abuse have left my poor nail beds so damaged, my nails are papery thin and snag and rip wit even the slightest growth... which then leads to more biting.
As a teenager and my early 20's I was a little more self conscious of my ugly snaggly fingers and paid a lot of money to keep acrylics on my fingers. It was the only way to break the habit. But, then we had a baby and financial priorities shifted and it's just not a realistic thing for me to keep up with. I don't have the time, money, energy, or babysitters to accommodate that anymore. So, off they came. Only, the damage they do is just as bad as the damage of biting so within two days of them coming off, my papery nails were once again ripping off at the beds, and I fell into the habit. Again.
*Taken from Shelly Ramsey's Consultant Facebook Page
My sister told me about Jamberry nails. She was selling them, so of *course* she wanted me to buy some, right? I didn't think much of it when she said they might help me kick my habit. I had very little hopes, but I wanted to support a loved one in the new endeavor and placed an order anyway. At the very least, they weren't expensive and I was helping someone I care about out, so either way it wasn't a loss. As I waited for my order to come, I had read some mixed reviews. It seemed people either loved them or hated them.
When they arrived, they sat on my bathroom counter for several days before I had nothing else to do and figured I'd put them on. I didn't own a nail file and had to send hubby to the grocery store to get one. Who needs a nail file when you have no nails, after all?!
My first application took a while. I had hardly any nail to speak of, just little stubby things on my fingertips. Filing was a joke, file what? My fingertips? About 45 minutes later they were on.
Some people say they last several weeks, but with my nails being in such awful shape to begin with, mine were really good for about 8 days, and then I had some really minor lifting. I was afraid they'd tear so I went ahead and took them off and put new ones on.
Here I am, a month and a half later. I have nails. Thanks to Jamberry. What I like about them, is they are kind of like a "brace" for my delicate nails, so they don't rip so easily, allowing them to grow. They also don't damage my nails like acrylics do, so not only are they growing, but they finally have the opportunity to get stronger, less damaged. And it's a confidence booster. They're pretty! I have writer's hands, and my fingers are crooked with writer's bumps. These make them slightly less repulsive looking anyway.
Twenty sheets later, I signed up to be a consultant. I don't think I have any intentions of really trying to sell them, the discount was worth it to me in all honesty. I have gone from being a skeptic who ordered the product simply to support a family member, to a full blown fan wo simply can not say enough good about them! And I can see that a lot of the negative reviews are because of user error. Granted, I'm sure they aren't for everyone, but I can't imagine it really taking more than 45 minutes to apply, start to finish, and when done correctly these suckers STICK!
I'm not about to start flooding everyone's Facebook feed with Jamberry stuff. Well, at least not any more than I normally would raving about how awesome they are. I'm not about to start advertising relentlessly and insisting everyone buy them, but I am more than happy to help anyone interested, because they really are fabulous.

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