Wednesday, September 25, 2013

28 weeks. Oh Hello, Third Trimester!

How far along? 28 weeks, third trimester at last!

How big is baby? bigger than last week, that's for dang sure

Total weight gain/loss: -15.

Maternity clothes? Nope. I can still wear all of my longer shirts just fine, and all of my pants fit fine if I just wear them below my belly.

Sleep: Insomnia has crept in full force. I mean I toss, turn, and try to sleep until Jon's alarm goes off at 7am. Then I sleep for about 4 hours. Then I'm tired all day.

Best moment the last two weeks: Hmm. Being in the third trimester is a neat thought- the home stretch! We also started our hypnobabies classes and I'm excited for that, too.

Movement: All the time.

Food cravings: Haven't really been having any the last two weeks. Food is mostly unappealing, and since I have been limited to a microwave for cooking (which, btw, I generally never ever use) while the kitchen is torn apart, things have been kept pretty simple.

Food Aversions: Anything leafy, again.

Gender: Boy. <3

Pregnancy Symptoms: Does being antisocial count? I mean, I'm really not the most social person to begin with but I'm ready to just get rid of my phone altogether so I don't have to keep explaining that I just don't even keep it on me, because I have nothing to say and no one I want to talk to. I'm still battling nausea pretty much every single second of every day, too. I can feel my energy level declining again, but I really think that will improve when I have a kitchen and am preparing more nutritious food again. I'm really repulsed by the amount of fast food we've had to fall back on lately, and I can feel the difference in my body, it's repulsed too.

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: Nothing.

What I am looking forward to: December!

Upcoming appointments/events: Next appointment is October 7th.

Milestones: So far: made it through first trimester, had first (and second) ultrasound, and discovered gender, and felt movement, Jon has felt movement from outside, belly popped finally, anatomy scan (went well), being able to see movement, point of viability passed, started birthing classes, started third trimester

Bump Picture: maybe later.

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