Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Resolutions & Commitments

I have no idea what 2013 holds. I have no idea where this roller coaster called life is going to take us. I know a few things for certain:

  1. I'm making health a priority in our home. I've shed 75lbs so far... and I'm committed to continuing to develop and exercise healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices. We have been eating a lot of fresh, whole foods... and really eliminated most of the overly processed junk food we used to buy. Not only do we look better, but we FEEL better every day.
  2. I'm doing my part to support my community. This means going out of my way to BUY LOCAL, and support small business. Tying into our being healthy goals, we've started looking for healthier food options and have really enjoyed buying LOCAL pastured eggs, raw milk, organic grass fed beef, and pasture raised chicken... all from small, independent  local grocers and avoiding big chains. We also buy many of our necessities from work at home moms who make home made products, or resell quality natural products. It helps those who need it, I'm getting superior/healthier products, and it's really the only way to boost the economy.  It makes my heart happy. <3
  3. I'm making an effort to spend more time with those who matter. I'm done wasting away time arguing with "dog people" on the internet... and making more time to spend with family and good friends. This means taking the time to go to Idaho and Vegas more. This means spending less time at a computer, and more time visiting grandparents. This means spending less time worrying about the rat race, and more time with siblings, nieces, and nephews. I wish we could convince Jon's family to make the move up here as well. Maybe someday....
I'm hoping for a few things to happen this year. Namely: sell this house, buy one we LOVE that we can see ourselves raising a family in, start said family, and improve our business. 

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