Thursday, March 1, 2012

March madness

Holy crap, it's March! Isn't that crazy?!
SO much has been going on already this year, I'm not sure where the last couple months have gone.
We've been doing some awesome renovations at Ruff House that we are pretty excited about, so business is doing well. I'm really excited to see what our customers think of the paint job.
Which, let's side track about that for a minute. When me and Jon decided to get involved wit Ruff House when we moved home,we were so excited. I couldn't have asked for a better partner in the whole thing, either. But in January when we decided to take Ruff House on ourselves, and our partner moved onto the next chapter of her life, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared to death! What do I know about running a business? Big fat nothing. It has been such a learning experience and roller coaster and I can not even begin to explain how thrilled I am with where my career is.
So, fast forward to last weekend. We had a HUGE paint job ahead of us. Walls, floors, the works. Everything needed a face lift. New (old) desk in the lobby, everything. I let our staff know that we would be working on it and whoever wanted to come help could, but it wasn't expected or required. When I got here after Jeannene's baby shower Saturday, I about peed my pants. Every employee but one who had to leave before I was able to get here (I was the LAST to arrive!) AND their spouses AND one person's land lady showed up to help. Free of charge. Just because they believe in Ruff House just as much as we do. It's amazing, it really is, to have such awesome people behind this place. Saturday and Sunday, into the wee hours of the morning, we had our awesome staff right along side us, paint rollers in hand, helping us make this dream a reality. It was a humbling experience for sure, and I can't think of any other people I'd rather be experiencing this with.
Also, we are beginning the long, tedious adoption process with a meeting with our bishop Sunday. Our recommends expired in January and the first step is getting them back, and then we can begin. We are excited, and nervous all at the same time. I have started a secondary blog at the recommendation of several of the people I've networked with that said it's a great tool for birth parents. I am not cross-posting it to facebook or anything like that, and it will be strictly things pertaining to our lifestyle, infertility, and adoption whereas this one is the random spewings of my mind- often times in the wee hours of the morning, but if you're interested in following it, let me know and I will send you the link. Feel free to regularly post comments about how awesome we are, too.
We sold Jon's Prius. It was bittersweet. Bitter for Jon. Sweet for me. All joking aside, it was an awesome car with great mileage, but it is such a dangerous vehicle in the snow, and it just felt like what we were supposed to do. We bought an older Chevy Silverado and even Jon likes it. Which means.... we can tow the boat now! Woo hoo, Lake Powell here we come! I can't wait for summer boating trips. Can. Not. Wait. It also helped take care of the unexpected crazy expensive hospital bills from my recent cystectomy. I have no idea if I spelled that right. Oh well. AND, as a prize to ourselves for getting our full asking price on the Prius, and being so very thrifty lately, we are allowing ourselves each some spending money this month just because. I'm buying cloth diapers with mine. (I've been nesting for two years, give me a break!) Jon wants to go to a nice dinner date with his.

This is unrealated to anything I've been mentioning in this post, but it's been a while since I blogged and I have a lot to say. Pretty much, I think the world needs to kow how much I love my husband. I mean really flippin' love him. I can't think of anything or anyone in the whole world that I love more fully and unconditionally than Jon. Well... maybe Annie but shhhh!. I can't think of another being that I am more compatible with, happier with, and in love with. I am so blessed to have found someone like him to share my life with. I hope he knows that. I want everyone to know that.
Just sayin'.

OH! And Tanya is pregnant, and Jeannene is due any day, AND Lexi is coming to visit for like... 3 weeks... don't tell anyone, but I'm kinda excited for more babysitting opportunities. I kinda like the little buggars.

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