Saturday, January 14, 2012

What a Pain in the Butt

What a week!!
Monday I woke up with an achy tailbone, which I didn't give much thought, it happens somewhat frequently from a previous injury.
Tuesday It hurt all day and by evening I was pretty miserable but not too concerned really.
Wednesday morning I woke up early to a stab of sharp pain coming from just below my tailbone. Any time I moved it just felt worse and hurt more so I woke Jon up and asked him to take me to a doctor. I absolutely hate doctors and hospitals and all that they imply, and I generally refuse to go even when Jon thinks I ought to. Luckily, Jon had already looked up doctors in our network and read reviews a few days prior, so we already had numbers to call. We went in and after a very brief look at my tailbone area, he referred me to a surgeon...and the next available appointment wasn't until next Wednesday! Well, that wasn't happening.
Thursday I woke up in more pain than I've ever been in my entire life. I could not move. No position gave relief at all and the lortab given to me was not giving Any results. I called Jon, who was at work at the time, and begged him to take me to the emergency room before I totally lost my mind. You know that moment when you become temporarily overwhelmed with pain from a 'dead arm'... Well it was like that only it didn't end. Jon got ahold of the surgeon office that I was supposed to see, and they agreed to see me that day. Grandpa came to my house and he and Jon gave me a priesthood blessing and then Jon took me in.
I felt like a total idiot as I stood at the desk trying not to sob. Jon had to fill out all the paperwork, my hands were trembling too much from the pain. My doctor was a complete arrogant jerk. He was mocking a gay patient of his to me, and seemed quite amused at my pain. Jon didn't like him either, which says something. He would not do surgery that day because I had ONE BITE of cheese to take medicine with and made me wait until morning.
Thursday was a very long day. I could not move by myself at all, I had to have constant help. And there way no way to choke back the sobs of pain that came every couple minutes with any movement. Even on Percocet the pain was overwhelming.
Friday morning I was not allowed to take Percocet or lortab, or drink anything, including water. I was miserable and dehydrated when we arrived at the hospital. After waiting around for far too long, they prepped me for surgery. The male nurse who prepped me did not numb my wrist and totally failed at getting the IV in, so another doctor had to come do t. He got it after the first attempt, and numbed me, too!!!
I'm home from surgery now. I have an open hole, about the size of a golf ball at the end of my tailbone that has to be cleaned and packed twice a day for eight weeks. A home help nurse will be by to do it in a half hour and honestly, I'm scared out of my mind. Otherwise, I'm out of work completely for 2 weeks, (they said 4 but I just don't see that happening...) and have to rely on help getting around for the time being. That's the worst part. Well, and boarding some of the dogs because I'm literally incapable of taking care of them this week.
I'm so blessed to have such an amazing husband who has been so helpful. I'm sure helping your get on and off the toilet isn't the most fun thing ever, but he's been a good sport. My mom and sister have been more than helpful too. I love my family. I'm so glad we have such amazing staff at Ruff House who have all stepped up to cover shifts for me this past week, and who I know will keep things running smoothly while I'm out.

So what was wrong in the first place? A coccyx cyst that got infected. Gross, and painful.
I've gotta go mentally prepare myself for this nurse now... I've been dreading it all day.

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  1. That sounds like the worst thing ever! I'm so sorry. I hope you recover really quickly and I'll be praying for you.