Saturday, October 29, 2011

Deck the Freakin' Halls

The last couple days have been interesting. A lot of annoyances and unnecessary stress, but that's all unimportant. Yesterday I woke up, tired of all the mindless crap, and decided I wanted absolutely nothing more than to put our Christmas tree up. So, we did.

Yes, I admit it. On October 28th, I took down Halloween decorations, and put up Christmas. There, I said it! I bought all the stuff we have last year when it all went on super clearance after the Holiday. I'm so glad I did, because now it's paying off!
This will be our third Christmas as a married couple. But the first one, was only 7 days after our wedding, 6 days after moving out of state, and I had to work. It kind of just came and passed without notice to be honest. Last year was great, but we were in our tiny apartment, so we couldn't have had a tree if we wanted one. So, I've been excited to decorate ever since we bought our house (In March or May, can't remember) so I figured I had waited long enough.

Then, we figured if the tree was going up, it all might as well! After all, it did look pretty silly having the tree next to the mantle decked out for Halloween still. We are three stockings short, apparently we have more dogs this year... but that can be fixed! SO far, the dogs have left it all alone, thank goodness. Lets hope it just stays that way now!

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  1. Your place looks so cute! I am so excited for Christmas and glad I'm not the only one that wants to start decorating early. Love the tree and the decorations and you even have a nice warm fireplace to cuddle next to. Also happy you had a good trip and are home safe. :) Deck the halls!