Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sunshine and Poop

The weather is seriously playing games with me lately. It can't decide if it wants to be pleasantly warm, blisteringly hot, raining, and even snowing. All of these within the last week. I'm a big fan of Spring and Fall, both of which seem to pass very quickly smooshed between painfully long Summers and Winters. If you blink you might miss it. 
I am excitedly anticipating Summertime for a few reasons this year. My family is most active in the Summer. We BBQ. We boat. We camp. We go to the pool. I can't wait to watch Chase learn and experience all of these things. There's something so incredible about watching a little one discover the world. I am amazed by the wonder in his eyes over the very most simple things. If you ever need to rediscover the beauty of life and the world, just have a baby. 
BUT. I'm also excited to get to use my clothesline regularly. Partly because it saves money, and partly because there's something really calming about a line full of fresh, clean laundry. (Though... I could do without the stiff crinkly part.) Also, the sunshine is amazing at removing tough stains. All of Chase's cloth diapers were starting to look pretty gross. Between being exclusively breastfed, wearing all natural fibers, and a few rounds of medications we had some seriously ugly staining going on. I don't like to use bleach on them because I want them to last for multiple babies so I try to keep my laundry routine as simple as possible to not degrade the materials. I finally had laundry day fall on a somewhat sunny afternoon. Though not as effective as direct sunlight, I was really happy with just how much the sun did in indirect light for only a couple hours. I can't wait to see what a whole afternoon of direct rays can do. I can't believe he's outgrowing these diapers and moving up already, and I want to get them nice and stain-free before packing them away for the next baby. 
So, the moral of this post is that if you have a clothesline, use it. If you have a yard and no clothesline, get one. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong generation. I actually quite ENJOY laundry and hanging my clothes out to dry. I like to sit on the porch swing and watch the sun do its magic. I love being outside. 
Unfortunately, it's supposed to rain most of this week. I enjoy a good rainstorm. A downpour with thunder and lightening makes me pretty happy. But this raining just enough to keep my yard a constant mud pit which makes dog ownership totally miserable. Not so much. No, thank you. 
If you need me this Summer, I will be on the swing outside, watching laundry dry. Probably with lemonade. 

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  1. Great post! The sun is magic, we hang most of our clothes especially mazi's and our whites. Its so fun how they sparkle and become disinfected of any goobers! I love how you do things lady, much love!